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Как сбросить ошибку ABS на R 1150 GS 2001 г.в.

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Привет всем, статью про АБС после 2003 читал - у меня другая, старая. Отключал трубки, потом прокачал, завожу мигает, прокачали заново (сначала штуцера АБС, потом суппорта) Водуха нет, уровни в норме, завожу опять мигает попеременно. Но мигать начинает сразу как только включаю зажигание, где рыть?

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в сервис вези.

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Проверить состояние проводов к датчикам АБС, не перебиты ли они, проверить зазор между датчиком и гребёнкой, скинуть клемму с аккумулятора, чтобы сбросить мозги АБС. Это и мозги инжектора тоже скинет - полезно, только не забудь при первом включении зажигания повернуть ручку газа до упора несколько раз, а потом заводи.

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Ошибка АБС не сбрасывается при обесточивании. Её можно сбросить только вручную. Ниже написано, как.

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все сделал, главное пока не отключили блок абс чтобы его снять - все работало. Блин где собака порылась никак не пойму

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Может тупо контакты окислились в разъёмах, когда ты его снял? Он не валялся отключённый? А то погода в столице недавно была крайне сырая.

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Нашел способы сброса, кидаю для остальных:

ABS faults and resetting
ABS versions and fault display

ABS1 was only used on K75, K100, and 1993 K1100LT. It's recognizable by the modulator units mounted to the footpeg plates. A fault is indicated by the ABS light and the bulb monitor flashing in unison. The bulb monitor will be on continuously until the system has verified operation of both brake switches and both bulb filaments (taillight and brake light) and then it extinguishes and becomes the second ABS light. The primary ABS light (and the monitor light, once its test is complete) will flash in unison until the bike moves off. If they continue to flash in unison after that, there is a fault. You will probably get a fault #7 upon startup after you have left the battery disconnected for a period of time.

ABS2 was used on K1100 from 1994 onwards, R1100RS/RT/GS/R, R1200C, and to 2000~2002 on the R1100S, R1150GS, and K12 models.* The K11 ABS2 uses the same two warning lights as ABS1: the ABS light and the bulb monitor light. On Oilheads and K12s, it has two distinct lights of its own. At key-on, the two lights will flash together and continue to do so until the self-test is complete (which doesn't happen until you start to ride away), at which time they extinguish. If the self-test fails, they will begin to flash alternately. The exact moment when the fault happens will help you know what caused it: if it happens before you start the engine it is an item that is tested at power-up. If it fails when you start the engine, it is almost certainly low battery voltage. And if it fails when you ride away, it's probably a modulator or a wheel speed sensor.

Sometimes ABS2 will fault without showing a fault code that you can read without the diagnostic computer.
Integral ABS (iABS)

If you normally get a whining noise when you apply the brakes, and notice that they are power-assisted, you have iABS. This was used on all R1150RS/RT/R, and starting 2001~2003 with the R1150GS, K1200RS/LT, R1100S and later R1200C versions.* Faults are displayed by use of the GEN and ABS lights. Faults remain in memory but the warning lights will extinguish and ABS opration will return once the cause of the fault is fixed.

* ABS2 was used until: Feb '01 on R1100S, MY01 on K1200RS, Sept '02 on 1150GS. Later bikes have iABS, including all K12GT and R1200CL/Montauk.

(mostly from the IBMWR tech pages)
Resetting ABS1

Locate the diagnostic connector on the right frame rail, under the seat. Remove it from the blanking plug.
Insert one end of 20 cm wire into the middle socket of this connector.
Ground the other end firmly to a metal bolt in the area (and keep grounded).
Hold the ABS button down as you turn the ignition on. You should see the lights flash together as normal.
Keep holding the ABS button down for about 8 seconds. The ABS light will stay on solid.
Release the ABS button.
Turn off ignition, remove wire.

Resetting ABS2 on early bike

Locate the diagnostic connector under the seat. Remove it from the blanking plug.
Insert one end of 20 cm wire into the middle socket of this connector.
Ground the other end firmly to a metal bolt in the area (and keep grounded).
Turn on ignition. You should see the lights flash alternately.
Hold ABS button down for about 8 seconds. The bottom ABS light will stay on, and the top one off.
Release the ABS button. If you have successfully reset the ABS, both ABS lights will come on. If you have failed to count to 8, or your ground is not good, the top ABS light will stay off.
Turn off ignition, remove wire.

Resetting R1150GS ABS2

Locate the round diagnostic connector on top of the airbox
With a wire, ground the brown/blue stripe wire (pin #2) and keep it grounded.
Turn the ignition on
Hold the ABS button down for about 8 seconds.
Release the ABS button.
Turn off the ignition, remove wire.

Note: the K1200, R1200C and R1100S use the same ABS2 units as the 1150GS, but there is no ABS switch to use for the reset procedure. If you can access pin #21 on the ABS unit, you can ground it to achieve the same effect as having the ABS button. Pin #21 will be on the large connector to the ABS unit. I've gotten confirmation from K12 and R11S owners that they were successful. Here's one description:

"On my 2000 K1200LT the brown/blue wire was the correct wire to use on the diagnostic plug. You have to remove the large 25 pin connector from the ABS unit, remove one tie wrap and three phillips head screws on the connector (two are under the rubber that was held on by the tie wrap). After you have done this and exposed the wires and female connector plug you can see where pin 21 is numbered on the connector. I used a 14 gage wire with an aligator clip on one end with about 1/16" of copper exposed and plugged it in the pin 21 slot and reinstalled the connector without the connector housing. I then made sure it felt like I had good contact on pin 21. I then used a straight pin and another 14 gage piece of wire with an aligator clip to pin into the brown and blue wire on the maintenance connector and then aligator clipped this to the negative terminal on the battery. I then turned the key to on and then touched the aligator clip from pin 21 to the negative terminal on the battery (8 seconds is fine but mine immediately reset). The ABS lights went from alternate flashing to normal flashing simultaneously. I am adding a reset button before I reassemble the connector housing. Just have to find the right insert for that connector."

Ссылка на саму статью с ошибками

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Сбросил - все встало на свои места :)

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